Grab Apple’s 10.2-inch iPad for $279

Now might be an opportune time to get a tablet for video chatting with socially distanced friends or catching up on your TV backlog. Amazon is currently selling the standard 10.2-inch iPad for , or a solid $50 below the usual price. That’s not the absolute lowest price we’ve seen, but it’s a far likelier discount and a substantial deal. Just be prepared for a slight wait. The entry iPad isn’t expected to come back in stock until April 29th, so you might not get yours until early May.

What we said about this base iPad in the fall remains true in the spring. It’s using an older A10 chip and comes with a modest 32GB of storage at its sale price, but it’s still reasonably quick, lasts a long time on battery and packs a Smart Connector to attach a keyboard for your typing sessions. First-generation Pencil support also helps for budding artists.

To a large degree, though, you’re buying it for the ecosystem. iPadOS makes the device well-suited to some forms of multitasking and productivity, while the App Store has a rich selection of tablet-native apps compared to Android. We wouldn’t get one expecting a complete laptop replacement, but it’s close enough for many — and might be more appealing than your phone if you want an easy-to-use device for contacting friends, reading books and playing games.